ArmA Walkthrough


Nobody has done an ArmA walkthrough, so here it is. Be aware that this contains spoilers, so you may want to try it yourself first, but if you get stuck, just read the walkthrough for the mission that you are having problems with.

Single Missions

Armed Assault Campaign

Rahmadi Conflict Campaign

Royal Flush Campaign

Hints for Veteran OFP Players

ArmA is a direct descendent of Operation Flash Point, written by the same programmers. The game has a new title because of a legal dispute.

Most, but not all of the commands are the same. The key differences are:

Flying the chopper is much more difficult in ArmA. From what real chopper pilots tell me, the helicopters in ArmA behave more like acutal helicopters, in that one must be gentle with the controls, especially the cyclic. I find it best to leave the cyclic alone (the A and D keys) and just use the mouse, the collective (Q and Z) and tail rotor controls (X and C) to control the flight. Changing course drastically at speed will guarantee a crash in ArmA. Either plan ahead so as to avoid sharp turns, or hover first, then turn. Another thing to remember: In OFP, a chopper will automatically adjust altitude to match the terrain. In ArmA it's more like real aircraft in that if you stay at 100 meters above mean sea level and fly towards a 150 meter hill, you will crash unless you adjust your altitude accordingly.

ArmA Cheats and Hacks