Rahmadi Conflict Campaign

This is a fairly short campaign, but the difficulty makes up for it.

The Coast

This mission starts with a cutscene. No map is available, you just have to go by the briefing and the waypoints. Crawl straight to the Shilka. SAVE. It is unoccupied, so get in as driver, switch to gunner and point north. There you will see the 2nd Shilka (bug report: It shows as a T-72 when you start out). Fire on it until it blows up. The objective will change, a voice over will say that "I destroyed them all". Use the rest of your ammo to kill troops, wreck trucks and do as much damage as possible. Get out and crawl back to the starting point to end the mission.

The President

After the cutscene go to the ammo crates and get a rocket launcher and a couple of rockets. Then just hang out until your CO calls you in for a chat. Go to the officer for another cutscene. You are then ordered to go to HQ. All the vechicles are either broken or locked, so you have to hoof it. Another cutscene, another briefing. After the briefing, head to the waypoint and hit the dirt. There will be another cutscene and you will be back in command of your troops. SAVE. Have all hit the dirt. Most of the enemy will be coming in from the north. After the first wave has been eliminated, proceed to town. However, there is enemy armor at 11 o'clock, and you don't have enough firepower to take it on, so detour to the NE and use the terrain for cover. This detour will get you a set of wheels, an enemy UAZ, however, at this point it is best to stay on foot. More enemy will be encountered at Bg88. Kill them as well as any you can see at the radio tower hil at Bg87. Go to Bf88 and carefully peek over the hill. You'll see four Shilkas. Use your rockets to destroy the two nearist your position hit the dirt and crawl back so you can't be seen. This will satisify the objective. Head back to the camp at Bf90 to rearm and heal, keeping watch on your 6 for enemy that might come after you. At this point I got fed up with the AI's seeming inabliity to rearm, so I told them to wait, got in the UAZ as driver, and drove west of the radio tower, hugging the shore so as to approach the town from the north. Drive as fast as you can to the waypoint, running over at least one enemy, do a quick turn around and park here. SAVE. You'll have a lot of people shooting at you, use the buildings for cover. You won't find the president, but you'll find an officer by the flag pole that will know where the president went, ending the mission.

Chapter Three: Last Resort

You are taken by chopper to the island of Porto. Your plans change when you are ordered to elimiate snipers who are shooting at civilians. The first one is located here.

Call out the target to your squad. Then move to your right until this sniper comes into view.

Take him out, then run down the street until you get near this intersection, stop and kill to spec ops that come into view.

Look right and shoot the spec op down the street. This will be a difficult shot, becuase civilians keep getting in the way. Run down the street and eliminate roof top sniper, the man near the picnic area, and two soliders at the end of the street. Then turn around and head north. Go prone here.

Wait for enemy to come into view and pick them off. When a civilian in a blue shirt appears, turn around. Another enemy is trying to sneak up behind you. Try to line up your team to cover your flanks and rear. When you think you've run out of targets, first check the map. The chopper will report what it sees. Also watch out for civilians with pistols. There is one in a brown shirt that is friendly to no one. Even though it ups the civilan death toll to kill him, you don't have any choice unless you can avoid him entirely. The last enemy loon hiding in town can be found here.

Once all of the Especas team has been eliminated it's back to the task of finding president Richardicz. Most the cars and trucks in the town are locked, but there is a red car at Bd12/Bd13 unlocked with keys in the ignition. Get your team in and head for Largo. Don't waste your time at the junkyard where the read ? mark is, there is nothing to be found there. Park the car and get out before you get into town, there are two snipers on rooftops. Elimiate them and the two spec ops in the street. The town is now clear. Proceed to the north shore. You will find the president, either lying down or standing up. In either case, when the screen shows "Arrest the President", push down on the mouse wheel to go to the arrest cutscene and end the mission and campaign.