Armed Assault Campaign

This campaign has several points in which one can just play straight through executing only the primary missions or you can play one or two auxiliary operations. Beating the auxiliary operations will usually reduce enemy forces at the primary objective, so they are worth playing from a strategic standpoint, as well as getting full value out of the game.


You are riding in a Hummvee on the way back to base when you receive a radio call that Corazal is under attack. Stay in the Hummvee until the game auto ejects you. Get out and seek cover. You can't beat this one, stay hidden until the order is given to retreat. Proceed to the indicated waypoint and board the M113 to end the mission.

Map: Beaten Dog

Map: Dolores

In this map, you can choose only one support mission.

Map: Battle of Somato

Map: Dawn of Hope

Map: Reclaiming

In this map you can choose only one support mission. Both are chopper missions.

Map:Into Enemy Territory

Map: Gryphons

Final Countdown

There are no aux missions at this point.

After the cutscene you will ride up in a Stryker and be auto ejected on the bridge. Form column, go into danger mode and head for the waypoint, but not directly, go up the road into town. There are hostiles near the waypoint, and you can use the town buildings for cover. Order your troops to hit the dirt. Let the NPC friendlies do most of the work. Once you are off the bridge, you will find that number 11 is the driver of a Stryker and 12 is the gunner. Get in and follow the dirt road to this house at Hb47.

Notice the ammo crates. Equip youself with 4 rockets and a launcher. Take out the BDRM. By the time you do this, the NPC friendlies will have completed the first objective. Have all your troops wait for you while you take care of the side mission to check out the prison camp in the Stryker. Park the Stryker just outside the fence. Get out of the Stryker and walk to the waypoint for a cutscene with really bad voiceovers.

After the cutscene, the briefing changes. You'll find a SLA small camp has been added to the Main Camp that you saw in the first briefing. Continuing gives a cut scene in which the enemy blows up the bridge to the south. You start with A Hummer and two crew. Order them into the Hummer and get in yourself as driver. Head for the waypoint. There you will pick up 7 additional soldiers. Get everyone out of the Hummer and SAVE. There are AT soliders around. Wait until "Team Switch Available" flashes on the screen, then order any troops you have left into the Stryker. You will get a waypoint to "check the camp". This refers to the Main SLA camp at Gj41. Head there. You will encounter a T-72. Use the terrain to avoid it, you are no match for it. Go into the base and drive around, letting your gunner kill infantry. Eventually, you'll get killed.