Royal Flush Campaign

After a very long intro the first mission begins


You are just a grunt. Just follow orders until you get orders to go after the car. You do need to protect your squad leader, if he is killed the mission ends in failure. Shoot at the Jeep until it stops, kill anyone pointing a weapon at you that gets out. You don't want to kill the guy in the black shirt, because he has information that you need. The mission ends with a cutscene.


Disembark when the chopper lands and go to the waypoint. You will be given the choice of going in solo or leading a squad. Considering how stupid the AI can be at times, I tried to go it alone. However, the enemy is more alert than normal, even the discharge of a silenced weapon triggers the alarm. So choose "lead the squad" and advance to the objective. When you get the short cutscene showing the convoy leaving turn north. Get into a position where you can see the two story house and the larger tents. Wait for the convoy to disappear down the hill and order all to open fire. The alarm will sound, but you'll have enough combined firepower to eliminate the enemy with few team casualties. When you can no longer see any targets, proceed to the road, then to the house, from there go north, clearing the rest of the base. You'll get a side chat saying to call the specalists, use the radio (0-0-1) to call the specialist in. You wll get a cutscene with bad news that two got away in a UAZ and you get new orders to capture them. Take the road to the east, the cutscene shows them fleeing in that direction. Follow the dirt road. When you get to the T intersection, turn right. You will catch up to the UAZ. Run it off the road. A cutscene follows with a lot of shooting that you have no control over, ending the mission.

Arms Dealer

Tell your team to "wait for me" and get a PK-1 pickup truck from the motorpool. Follow the old road to the arms dealer. Don't worry if you lose the road going up on the granite portion, just go around the hill into the next valley and you'll be able to pick it up again. Once you get to the arms dealer, buy a green flare for your M203. Don't bother changing any other weapons. Once you have made your purchase, use the radio command (0-0-1) to end the mission, you don't have to bother driving back.


Order your team to hold fire. Go to the first waypoint to meet with the other team. After the cutscene you will given the choice to have group be attack right away or wait for command. Choose wait for command. You can always call them in right away if the situation changes. Have all hold fire and go stealth. Advance, but don't take the shortest path. Work your way west, then south, then back east along the south side of camp staying at least 200 meters away until you get to here.

SAVE. You will get a "mission plan updated" notice along the way and if you look at the briefing you will find that the first objective has changed from "complete" to "failed" but don't worry about it, it's a mission bug. Stay crouched. When you get within 120 meters or someone else opens fire, have all open fire and call in Bravo group. Make certain to watch out for prisoners, who will mixed in with the guards, but they are easy to spot in striped uniforms. When you run out of targets here make your way north through the camp. Once all the guards have been eliminated, return to the main gate at the south of the camp and fire your green flare. Once the trucks arrive execute the sequence of radio commands to get the prisoners onto the trucks and on the way home. At the end, you'll be given numbers on how many prisoners made it and how many died. Note that it is impossible to have a death toll less than 24, since that many prisoners are killed by the game logic when the mission starts. The best I did in three attempts was 12 survivors, 36 dead.

Arms Dealer

After the cutscene, as soon as you get control, order all to halt, then use radio command 0-0-1 to end the mission. If you don't, you'll go over a booby trapped bridge and get trapped on the far side and your truck blows up with you inside it. Although it is possible to halt and get out of the truck safely after the bridge blows, you are then assulated. Since there is no real need to rearm, the best plan is as described in the first sentence.


The mission starts with you in the gunner's seat of the pickup truck. The AI driver is drunk, so quickly order everyone out, get the drivers seat and order everyone back in. Drive to the pass, the game will auto save just before you get there. Get just within sight of the roadblock and stop. Your AI gunner will take out three soliders. Quickly run the roadblock, before the M2 solider is aware of what you are doing. Stop just the other side and let your gunner finish off the M2 gunner. Tell the convoy to proceed and continue to the second prison camp. Run down the two enemy soliders in the road. The game will auto save again. Run the next roadblock, if your timing is good, you can run down two of the soliders guarding it. If not, quickly park the truck behind the building directly in front of the gate, get out and have your team engage at will. Once those three guards are down, go right (southwest) on foot. Put your group in line formation. As soon as a team member calls out a target, have all engage at will. You should be able to take this objective with no prisoner or team casualties. Make sure to enter the compound and eliminate the two guards that are still there. Once it is complete, you will get new choices about where the convoy should go. Have it halt, you have not taken the lumber camp to the northeast yet. Head there and use the same strategy that you used for taking the concentration camp. When you get a message to hurry, have the convoy proceed to the concentration camp. By the time that you take the lumber mill the trucks will be ready to pick up the lumber mill prisoners. Go back to the truck get in as driver and have your team survivors get in with you. Once all prisoners are in, the game will auto save. Park the truck along side the building at the gate and have one of your team stay in as gunner. Get ready to ambush the enemy UAZ and truck approaching. Now is the time to use your grenade launcher. Once that squad has been elimiated, proceed to town and order the convoy to follow you. There will be no more opposition for the rest of the mission, which concludes when the convoy rolls into Eponia.

Arms Dealer

By now, you are probably low on ammo. Have your team "wait for me" As luck would have it, the ememy is paradropping troops right in your path. Avoid them, there are too many to take on. Instead, go back into town, sneak up on the desert camo jeep at the main intersection and shoot the gunner and driver. Now you got a set of wheels. Follow the roads. You will come across an enemy jeep, but since you are driving the same kind, they will let you pass without firing on you. When you get to the dirt road, there will be another enemy jeep, don't push your luck. Drive past 100 meters then go cross country to the rendevouz point. You will probably get there before the dealer. Once he shows up buy all the M203 HE rounds he has and all the 30 round Stanag magazines. Use radio 0-0-1 to end the mission once you complete your purchases.

Reality show

The mission begins with a chopper ride to meet the Prince. You will be auto ejected. Head to the waypoint for a short cutscene. Board the indicated truck with your team. Once you are in, you will be driven to the next rally point. Get out of the truck and head due west. The game will auto save. As soon as you have eyes on the studio compound engage. You should be able to take everyone at the gate with no trouble. Carefully approach and dispatch the guards that are inside. At this point you can try two different strategies: This is probably the hardest mission of this campaign. I won't fault you if you go into Options and set the enemy forces to totally stupid and your friendly AI to brilliant.


A long cut scene. A rebroadcast of the Prince's speech and his assistant tells of a meeting with the queen. The assistant fears it's a trap. You are given the option of following the Prince's order not to interfere, or to go in and investate. No matter which way you choose, someone tries to make you change your mind. You are asked the question again. I played it both ways, described below.

Out of the two scenarios, I like the first the best.