Convoy Ambush

Get in the pickup truck and drive it towards the first waypoint, parking it behind the tree on the ocean side of the road.
Get out go to the rear, drop all of your ammo except for the satchel charge and take all of the satchels and two mines.
Sprint 95 meters east from the waypoint and lay the two mines as close together in the middle of the road as the game allows.
Sprint back to the way point and lay a satchel there, and at 70, 125 and 180 meters west of the waypoint in the middle of the road.
Sprint back to the truck and rearm. Run across the hill and up the road to the position shown.

Hit the dirt so that the convoy doesn't see you. If you are spotted you will either be fired upon or the convoy will leave the road spoiling the ambush.
Use your SAVE at this point. A BMP will be leading the convoy. Let it pass, the mines you laid further east will take care of it.
Set off your satchels when the first truck crosses the waypoint. If you got them in the right place enough of the convoy will be destroyed to give you credit and change the waypoint to the next objective, which is to get to your extraction point. If not, use your missle launcher to destroy any remaining trucks, watching out for BMP crew that might have survived the mines.

Once you get the next waypoint, crawl WSW, avoiding contact. There will be too many survivors to take on. Once you are deep in the woods and not being chased, head to the extraction waypoint to end the mission.

Sanitizing Operation

Proceed to the first waypoint, going prone when you cross the road. You have AI support in this mission let them do most of the work. Follow orders. Be careful in the factory area. Use buildings for cover. When the area is clear you will be given a waypoint to the chopper. Board the UH60 to end the mission.

Delivery Boy

The mission briefing says you just have to pick up troops, but when the mission actually starts you'll find yourself under fire. Go prone. You can just wait for the order to board the truck, but it will be easier if you pick off a few enemy with your aimpoint. Board the truck and follow the paved road out of town. Be as quick as you can without crashing the truck. Once you pick up the troops you'll have 4 minutes to get back. Getting back in time ends the mission successfully.


Get in the chopper and follow the flight plan until the game does an auto save. Then hover and turn north. Approach the convoy over water, returning to land at DH-15. You will get a warning about being off course, ignore it. Going in this way eliminates unnecessary conflict with a Hind.

Switch to manual fire and use your TOW missles to take out the T-72 and BMPs on your first pass from west to east. Keep your altitude below 100 meters to avoid detection by AA installations on the island and enemy aircraft. Then make a pass from east to west. Continue making passes in this manner until the convoy is destroyed.

After your TOW missles are used up, switch to FFAR. Once those are gone, turn off manual fire and let your AI gunner use the cannon to finish off the rest of the convoy. Once the convoy has been eliminated, retrace your route back to the starting point.

Night Strike

Sneak in from the north east. If you hear the siren go off, you have been detected, the tanks will be manned and you might as well start the mission over again.

Snipe the guard in the tower. There is a bug in which he goes prone, and part of his body sticks through the floor. You can still kill him anyway, aim at whatever body part you can see.

crawl through the hole in the fence, then using the buildings on the north side for cover, duck between the wood and stucco buildings located near the north wall in the middle, noting that the men are busy dealing with a truck that caught fire.

SAVE. Crawl towards the building just right of the waypoint, timing your moves to avoid contact. This may take serveral tries.

At this point there may be a guard walking towards you. If he doesn't show up right away, he will, don't make a move until he is dealt with. Be sure watch your 10 o clock for more guards. After dispatching the guards, continue south and duck between the garage buildings as shown.

This should put you between two tanks. At this point, you can plant your satchels, sneak out, set them off and go to your pickup point, but it's much more fun to climb into the unlocked tank as a gunner and blow everything away.

Be sure to watch out for AT soliders and eliminate them with the tank machine gun while the sabot rounds are reloading.

Once you have trashed everything and everyone in the base, head to your rendezvous. Stop 100 meters before getting there so you can get out and blow up your stolen tank with a satchel. Continue to the waypoint to end the mission.

Armored Fist

A fairly easy tank mission. Switch to the drivers seat before going to the first objective. You will have to call out targets to your AI tank crews, they are not that good at spotting them. Watch out for AT soliders. Keep moving and duck behind buildings for cover. After taking the first objective, call in support if you need it, but you should be able to take the first objective without serious damage. Follow the road or go cross country to the next waypoint. Either way will bring you to the entrance of the next base. Stop just outside of the wall, switch to gunner and use the sabot on the T-72 before it has a chance to fire on you. Switch to MG and take out troops. Your commader will also assist with his M2. When things seem quiet, tell all to "wait for me" as they will just get in trouble if they advance with you. Advance slowly until you can see another T-72 as shown. Take it out before it sees you.

Switch back to the drivers seat and make you way around the base, eliminating the rest of the enemy forces. You may have to do a lot of switching between driving and gunning, as the AI seems to have fallen asleep during this part of the mission. If the objective doesn't clear after making the rounds inside the base, you'll have to check the outside. Don't hit the civilians that are hanging around the west side of the base near the bridge.

Once the objective clears, you still need to hold the base. This would be a good place to use your SAVE. The first contact will be a T-72 coming from the north followed by a BMP. Stupid civilians may enter the base from the west, don't mistake them for enemy. Park one of your surviving tanks here to ambush any enemy coming from the south.

Set up a similar ambush with your tank by the hole in the north wall. Once the armor and the squad coming from the south are eliminated, the mission is completed.


An easy chopper mission. This bird is a one seater. Choose 80mm Rocket before you take off. Head slightly left of the indicated waypoint. Fly just above the treeline. Your targets are the row of tanks that you'll see when you pop over the hill.

The AA defenses are unmanned, you will have come and gone before the enemy can fire at you. When the objective clears, head back to base and land to complete the mission.


An infantry mission, with you as machine gunner. Go to the waypoint as ordered. When the action starts, take shelter under the nearest tree and hit the dirt. Hold fire until the enemy is close enough to engage. No matter what you do, either the chopper or infantry will get you. Use the Team Switch command to change to T-72 commander. SAVE. Change to driver's seat.

Where you are depends on how quickly you got killed in the first part. If you are approaching a pass, stay back and let the others deal with it. Once you clear the pass head here.

Switch to gunner and quickly issue halt commmand so that you don't get in trouble. Cautiously advance due west. An Abrams will cross your path, take a shot at it. You probably won't kill it with the first round, but at least you can damage it. Engage any targets that come into range. Continue advancing until the Abrams comes back into view and finish it off with a sabot round. Switch to MG and take out any troops. Proceed to the primary objective and clear it. You may have to dismount from the tank and clear the buildings to finish the mission.


At last you are in command of the AI loons. At the briefing screen get a M136 launcher for yourself and 3 rounds. Start the mission by getting all of your troops in the truck. Do not use the road to go to the next waypoint, it's too close to enemy territory. Instead go cross country to the south, then head due west to the objective. The game will auto save when you reach this point. Get every one out, have them get down and in danger mode.

Your first problem will be a T-72 coming in from the NW. Take it out with your M136. You will probably need to use all 3 rounds to do it. After the T-72 and any surviving crew are out of the way, run to the ammo truck and rearm. Stay under cover until your loons clear the area and you get the command to go to the next objective.

You'll have to use the roads to get to the meeting point, but there is little resistance. If anyone gets in the way, just run over them. Once at the meeting point you'll pick up an Abrams crew and M113. Proceed to the next waypoint, stopping at the little house, 377 meters away from the waypoint. Order 9, 10 and 11. out of the Abrams and take command of it yourself. Once you are in order 9 and 10 back in anywhere. SAVE.

Get in the drivers seat and head the Abrams to the waypoint. Switch to gunner and order the driver forward. Just after he clears the hill, and you can hit targets with your gun, order him to stop. Take out the Shilka and any infanty. A BMP-2 with a deadly anti-tank weapon will come from the north. It is best to duck back behind the ridge to avoid him, as he is able to see you before you can see him in the fog to the north. Go south about 100 meters, then carefully work your way back to the objective from the south. The pesky BMP-2 will take shots at you, but miss, and you'll get an idea where he is. Be ready to take him out when he tries to close on you. Be ready for the 2nd BMP-2. coming from the same general direction as the first. Once the two BMP-2's are down, all that's left is to clean out some remaining infantry to finish the mission.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

If you don't want to sit through the cutscene, press ESC and then select SKIP. This mission is in serveral parts. In the first, you ambush a truck. You can shoot at it anywhere in the town, and take out the three solders with head shots once you get the truck stopped. The second objective is started automatically in the next cut scene. You are given the choice to stay as Mike Lambert or switch to Richard Angelo.

Out of the two scenarios, I prefer to play as Richard Angelo so that I will have an AT weapon to use for the next objective.

No matter which character you played before you will be in Richard Angelo's body for this phase, which is one of the hardest I've played. The plan that worked best for me is to go behind the wall, on the airfield side, and make your first stand in the grove of trees.

Then advance to this building when it is safe to do so.

SAVE. You squad will be totally stupid, rushing headlong into gunfire. If you are lucky you will get command and you can order them to halt and take cover with you. The only good thing is that you will be able to get more ammo from your fallen comrades. Make sure you get another AT weapon and 3 rounds, you will need them to dispatch the T-72 and other light armor that will come your way. Carefully proceed to the waypoint. There is a BMP ambulence you can heal at if you need it. Once the airport is clear, other NPCs will elimiate the rest of the enemy to complete this phase.

After the cutscene, You are given the option of playing as Mike Lambert or Richard Angelo.

Devil's Cross

Bug Alert! You might be able to get credit for this mission without even playing it. If the mission happens to start with you already in the cockpit, just switch weapons with the F key. After doing this three or four times, the mission ends and it's checked off at the selection screen. I have not found out the conditions that make this happen, so you may not encounter it. If you do, and you want to play the mission for real, just choose it again and hit restart.

Taxi to the runway and wait your turn for takeoff. Remember to lower your flaps before you start your takeoff roll. The tower never clears you, so just take off after the previous plane is out of sight. The game will auto save once you are aloft. Chances are, the AI pilots ahead of you will have taken care of the first objective, so change your heading to 50 degrees true and engage whatever targets you find. If you are not skilled in flying the A10 just fly around high and level straight and fast until the AI pilots complete the primary objectives for you. Then use the landing autopilot to return to the airport. Be sure you are near the main airport before invoking the autopilot, else you will land at the little airstrip in Pita.