Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Walkthrough


Nobody has done a Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising walkthrough, so here it is. Be aware that this contains spoilers, so you may want to try it yourself first, but if you get stuck, just read the walkthrough for the mission that you are having problems with.

Single Missions

Dragon Rising Campaign

Hints for Veteran OFP Players

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is the long awaited sequel to the Original OFP The tested version is 1.02 updated September 15, 2009, except as otherwise noted. The test machine is a 3.00 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3 GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT display adapter running XP Professional Service Pack 3

Since an entirely different development team created this game, only the basic movement controls bare any resemblance to the original OFP. The function keys which used to control your AI troops now change weapon types. Why they did this I don't know, since the mouse wheel also changes weapons. Probably to make the interface more compatible with the console version. Issuing commands to your troops is through a 4 choice menu tree accessed with "Q". The best way to move your troops is with the map view ("M" as in the original), then then click on each solider, right-click where you want them to go to then chose the movement mode from the pop up menu. To board a vehicle one must wander around it to the proper entry point and use the "E" key. Don't bother looking for the right place, get in the first empty seat, then hold down the left shift key, that will give you a choice of other seats to move to.

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