OFP2 Dragon Rising Single Missions Walkthrough


Once you play the campaign, you can play each mission again as a single mission. However there are six stand alone missions in the game. You will need an unlock code for these which are on the index page also included here below the mission name. There are NO checkpoints or game saves in these missions, so your top priority will be to stay alive.

Night Raid

You are tasked with eliminating the PLA from the pumping station but leave the station intact. Pretty straightforward. Shoot all you see on the outside first, then go in and clear the guards on the inside. Make sure your shots only hit enemy and not pumping station equipment. Once all guards are dead, the mission ends successfully.

Coastal Stronghold

Eliminate the PLA at the lighthouse. Snipe all you can from 21M X7Y1, which is NE of your starting point. When you run out of targets, go up on the hill at 21M X9Y1 and work you way to 22M X0Y0. When you can't see any more enemy, you'll have to move in, but be careful! Some hide on the north side of buildings. Just when you think that the area is secured, a truck full of soldiers comes from the SW, take cover and eliminate those. Once the truck full is gone, the mission will complete successfully.


An urban take and hold mission with iron sights. Don't head straight in, go to the right, behind the houses. Hit the dirt when you first spot troops and kill them when they get within 100 meters of you. Proceed South, then go to the consulate compound when you are due west of it. Quickly go inside and lay AP mines at the two entrances. Shoot any that get past the mines. Carefully search the compound for enemy that snuck in and eliminate them. If the mission does not complete, carefully exit the compound, making sure that you don't step on any undetonated mines and kill the enemy that is outside the walls, the mission will then conclude successfully.

Close Quarters

An urban assault mission similar to Ambush, but even more difficult. Don't go straight in, Go south a bit, so you are on the little rise, letting you see what you are up against before heading west to the little shack. Take cover behind the shack until the explosions stop. Then head into the village, using everything you can for cover and concealment. Watch out for the gunner in the hummer. There is an empty hummer that you can get in. Switch to gunners seat and use the MG to shoot any target of opportunity. Don't try to move the hummer yet, let the enemy come to you. The best place to pick them off is as they run between and behind buildings as shown below.

When there is no further movement, wait a couple of minutes to be sure, switch back to driver, and go to the white waypoint. Quickly switch back to gunner and eliminate the three or four soldiers that you can see from there. After those targets are down, switch back to drivers seat and patrol the town. Do not leave the area, else you will get an automatic fail. There are only one or two more enemy loons to dispatch before the town is clean and the mission ends.


At last you get a decent scoped rifle and a stinger. The primary mission is to eliminate two encampments, the secondary is to shoot down any enemy choppers. Head right for the first encampment and eliminate all resistance there. When that objective clears, the helicopter will show up, shoot it down with your stinger. The resistance is heaver at the 2nd camp, but before you know it, the mission will end with all objectives complete.

Debris Field

An anti tank mission. Quickly advance to the burned out Abrams tank in front of you and take cover behind it. Load your SMAW and destroy the first enemy BMP before it can disgorge its troops. Take cover behind the tank, quickly reload the launcher and dispatch the 2nd BMP. Hit the dirt and switch to your M16, because the infantry not in the BMPs will be coming hot and heavy. Keep crouched behind the Abrams, there is some friendly artillery fire that will help with some of the infantry. Do not leave the safety of the tank until the artillery barrage has paused and all visible infantry have been killed. Once all visible enemy are down, advance to the wreck to the SW during a break in the barrage. Then advance to what's left of the BMPs you destroyed earlier. There will be one or two enemies in that area, once they are down, the mission will conclude successfully.

Skirmish Map Pack Single Missions

The following missions are available after applying the version 1.01 patch.

All Round Defense

You are tasked with defending a small base. Although you start in front of a attack helicopter, it is so foggy that the chopper will be useless. Instead, go inside the two story building and pick up a 82A1 rifle from the ammo crates in a room on the 2nd floor. Then go out on the roof and wait for the attack. The first wave will be from the SW, followed by more from the SE. There will be some from other directions, but you'll have to rely on NPC friendlies to deal with those. You will then get a message that artillery is available. But unless you see a big concentration of soldiers don't waste any time with artillery shots, because by now the fog has cleared and you will be able to use the AH-1Z attack chopper to best advantage. Run for the AH-1Z and get it in the air (one of your men will board as gunner automatically). When you are notified of incoming enemy aircraft, switch to AA missiles and take it out before it has a chance to get you. Switch back to rockets and have your gunner eliminate targets of opportunity. If you think that you can gun better than the AI, hover at 200 meters (auto hover), change to gunner's seat and have at it! Once all enemy are dead, the mission will conclude successfully.

Island Tour - Day

This is not really a mission, but a practice map. Although there are objectives shown if you play in default mode, they will never complete. You can practice flying choppers, driving tanks and directing artillery fire. When you get tired of playing, hit ESC, then quit.

Island Tour - Night

Same as above, but at night. You won't need NV goggles, it's a full moon tonight.

Uphill Struggle

The primary objective is to capture a PLA bunker in the hills. A secondary objective is to capture a vehicle depot. The vehicle depot is closer to your starting position, so go there first. Order your troops to fire only if fired upon. The first enemy you will encounter is a UAZ at 3B Y3Y3. Avoid it, since engaging it will alert the troops at the vehicle depot. Circle around the hills above to 3B X1Y3. From there, call you one and only one artillery strike. That will destroy the BMPs and most of the troops. Shoot any that are left and go to the middle of the camp. It will take a few moments for the objective to clear. Then head to the primary objective via the ridge line being careful not to silhouette yourself against the sky. You will get a game checkpoint at 3C X4Y2 saving your progress so far. You will also find an impossibly steep slope unless you crouch and go slightly south. When you get to around 400 meters of the objective, stay to the north of the hill, so you won't be spotted by snipers to the south. Unfortunately your loons are too lazy and will walk on the easier south side of the ridge, unless you direct them on a route halfway down the mountainside. Send them to 3C X9Y6. When you get within 150 meters of the bunker, hit the dirt to avoid being detected by the BMP to the SE and get to this position.

If everything has worked out right, your fire team will arrive in time to divert them from you. Be ready for a squad that will assault your position. Go to the bunker door and roll a grenade inside. Make sure you have a full magazine before going in and killing the rest of the inhabitants. Once the bunker is clear, the mission will end successfully, you do not need to kill all the troops on the outside to achieve success.

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