ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Silver Lion Campaign


A brief intro brings you to:

War Criminal

You start out as commander of three men. You have a UAZ at your disposal. The map is marked with minefields and a place to inspect that varies randomly. Ignore it for now and drive to 021032. There you will get orders to investigate Bravo. Order your men out but have them halt, they seem to get killed easily. SAVE. Carefully advance to the cow barn picking off enemy as you go. After four or five enemy are killed, the objective will clear and you will get an auto save. Be careful returning to the UAZ, there may be still enemy, but it is not necessary to kill them unless attacked first.

Board the UAZ and proceed north on the main road. At 023028 you will get location Charlie. Get everyone out and open fire. You should be able to dispatch all the enemy without leaving the road. Get in the UAZ and continue north. When you reach 018122 you will get location Delta. It is off on the side road, so disembark and go in on foot, leaving your men at the UAZ. You will get an auto save after you clear this objective too. Continue north to 017015. This will bring you close to one of the original marked objectves at 018014. SAVE Leave your men in the truck parked behind the shed on the left. There are three men to take out here, and you will have to clear all the buildings to find them all. This location is Alpha. You will get an autosave.

Now you just have to search the entire orange area of the map. Go south on the secondary road till you get to site Delta, turn left and then left again to go up the winding road. SAVE when you get to 022017. Get out and go in on foot. Once you take that objective, you will get credit for site Echo and be tasked with capturing Kasun. go to the map and set Capture Kasun as current task to get a waypoint to his location. If the waypoint is off the edge of the map, ignore the task, it cannot be completed. Instead continue NE then turn right when you get to the main road, then stop at 027015 near the wreck. Go on foot to trigger the Foxtrot objective. Once that is clear go to the intersection at 024031 and SAVE. Clear the Golf objective at 029024. Now backtrack the intersection at 024031 and head south. At about 031025 you will trigger objective Hotel. The music cue indicates this is where you will find your target. Do not shoot. Just walk up and the arrest will be triggered.

It is my observation that no matter what order you do the search in, you have to do all eight objectives before finding your quarry at the last one.


You will be asked to board a Pandur as gunner. Once aboard, switch to drivers seat and go to the objective at 042018. When you clear that, you will get orders to go to Suspicious postion 281. You will get an auto save upon killing all enemy in that area. Continue on to 036004. You may find that to be a "dry hole" but elimiate any enemy on the way, keeping a sharp eye out for AT soldiers.

Bug Alert: Spot height 395 won't clear until you go to 017007 and destroy the APC there.

Just keep following orders. When you get the order to escort the convoy, go to the starting point and wait for units 9 and 10 to join you. The game will auto save. The only resistance you will have are two men at 04116. Don't let the convoy get too far behind or this mission will fail. You should get a "mission complete" and an autosave when you reach the T intersection at 044024. If you don't revert to the last autosave and try again.

Next go to 029024 and eliminate all enemy there. SAVE. Go to 019020 kill everyone there, although you may encounter the enemy before that intersection. Then head south to 021032, turn right. On the way to 011023 you will get orders to check out a homestead. Obey them, it's on the way. SAVE! You will encounter the first serious resistance here. Drive up to the compound and when you first sight the truck with the quad 50, switch to gunner and destroy it before it destroys you! Your AI loons are not fast enough. After the quad 50 truck is ablaze, switch back to driver and clean out the compound. You will get an autosave once that is complete. Go to the last marked objective at 011023. It might not trigger until you go southwest from that point 100 meters or so. Once that is clear go north to 006007. That will trigger the Suspicious woodlet objective SAVE. Approch slowly from the south so that you only have to deal with one of the two quad 50 trucks at a time. Once that objective clears head due east untl you intersect a road, go south to the first town and refuel at 018007. Continue SE on the main road till you get to 026013 and turn right. When you get to the barn that shoud trigger the Suspicious hermitage objective. SAVE. This last one has a BDRM wedged inside a buiding. Most likely you wil have used up all your AT ammo. So kill everyone outside, then grab an RPG launcher from a dead enemy AT soldier and use that to destroy the BDRM, finish the task, and end the mission.

Man's Best Friend

A night mission with a dog. Follow the dog at a distance of 15-20 meters, if you follow too closely, you and your buddy will get shot. Fire only if fired on, as you need to take the suspects you are pursuing alive. The first suspect will surrender. Approch him to make the arrest. Your buddy will take him away, you will be on your own with the dog to find the other prisoner. When I played it, no more enemy was encounted but the second suspect was not found, the mission ended as partial success.


After a cutscene showing a rocket launcher in action you are taken to the breifing. Then you ride to the insertion point. Once you are auto ejected, have your spotter hold fire and go steath. Avoid contact with enemy foot patrols which will spawn in random places. Your objecive will also be in a random place each time the mission is restarted. The fastest way to do the serach is to go to the center of the AO, SAVE, then head out in each quadrant. Check on or near roads first. If nothing is found, revert to the save point to avoid having to run all the way back. The objective is a motor pool with a BDRM and two or three trucks. To proceed use the "Target Selector" to "Identify" the vehicles. Do not press a mouse button at this time, just hold the crosshairs on your target and wait for the yellow progress bar to shrink and the box to turn green as shown below.

(right click and open image in new tab for full screen view)

If the targets are in deep woods you will have to change position serveral times to mark them all. Once you have identified at least three vehicles, you will get some dialong that they are ready. Once that is done, use the left mouse button to "light up" a vehicle that is nearest the center and use radio (0,0,1) to call in the arty strike. Needless to say, you need to be a safe distance away when the arty hits, but if you will be if you have followed instructions to avoid contact.

Wind storm

You are tasked with escorting a transport chopper to the unloading point and back safely. Don't go directly in, you are sure to get shot down. Instead follow the road west, keeping low in the valley. Don't go so fast that the transport falls behind, 150 speed is about right. Turn south at Mulladost, avoiding the combat there, then to Khushab, then to Surkurkaly, then about 300 meters east from there the transport will land and discharge the troops. Note that he leaves your group until he is done, but continue to provide CAS until the game autosaves and the transport rejoings your group.

Now return to base, but not by the same route, the enemy is now waiting for you. Go even futher west, almost off the map where the roads end, then turn north, go to 006091, then go due east to the base. Once you get there you are assigned a new task, to destroy a rebel base. Advance to within 1000 meters of the enemy base and SAVE. This is one of the toughest missions in the game. There are AA soliders everywere and you can't spot them till it's too late. SAVE after every kill. Oh, and don't try to land the chopper and go in on foot, the game gives you an automatic fail if you leave the aircraft. I had the best results by coming in from the south. For this part to complete you have to destroy unmanned vehicles in the target zone, your AI gunner will not recongnize those, use the rockets to destroy them. After you clear that area, there is one more objective. Save and again, come in from the south flying low through the valley. Call out targets if needed to your AI gunner. Once all men in that area are killed, the mission will conclude.

Dum Spiro Spiro

You are dropped off about 400 meters from the objective, with you and your squad already directed to hold fire. Objective Alpha will probably be vacant, the game will autosave, proceed to Bravo. Be ready to engage the four to six men there. There are only two men at target Charile. Delta has seven or eight men, but you can sneak up on then and kill at least half before any return fire. Next order your men to hold fire again and go to the observation site. Switch weapon to the Target locator zoom in on the men standing in the headlights of the UAZ. That will trigger a new objective to follow the UAZ to the meeting point. You will not be able to keep up with it on foot. BUG ALERT: The map will show the UAZ, but if you go there, you will find nothing. Use the X4 command to speed up the report of the new locaiton. Go to the new observation waypoint. Use the Target locator to inspect each man. One will identify as the target. Once you get confirmation, click the left mouse button to laze the man and wait for the fireworks! You will get an autosave and an evacuation waypoint. Watch out for the man hiding behind a rock! Shoot him, then order your men to stay alert and fall back. head to the waypoint, a chopper will land. Order your men to board it. Then get in yourself to end the mission.


Your mission to provide CAS is quickly canceled and you are tasked with destroying a convoy. You have an AI pilot in another aircraft. Call out targets for him and have him do most of the work. Once that task is finished you will be directed to destory an enemy camp. You cannot beat this one, the AA solder is too good. Eject while you are high enough. Once you are on the ground go to a flat valley and radio for help. Chances are, unwelcome company in the form of four enemy soldiers will show up. Take cover and elimiate them before your rescure chopper gets there. Save after each kill. After the enemy has been killed your ride will arrive. Board the chopper when it lands to end the mission.

There Will be Flood

A nice break from the shooting. The mission is to rescue 12 civilians trapped on rooftops from flooding. BUG ALERT: This mission will not complete unless you go to the "island" at the west and catch the thief first, at least that's how it worked when I played it. Go the south side of the island and dock your boat near the other one. The thief should show up. Get out quickly and run after him. When you get close enough "catch" will appear on the screen, press "enter" and he will surrender and you will both be back in the boat. Return to the starting point, he will get out. Now the game will say that there are 15 people to rescue. Head East and pick up any people on rooftops. While the game will suggest taking the first person you get back to the starting point, save fuel by picking up three people before heading back At some point you will be directed to a hospital buidling which you must clear. My first thought was to dock the boat and swim in to check the first floor, but the stairs have been destroyed. Look on the outside of the building for a ladder, climb it to get to the roof and go in the roof enterance. You will then get credit for clearing the building and the stairs are intact to the second floor. Wait there until the game says there is someone to rescue. Go to them and stand close enough to get a rescue dialog. When you respond to it, both you and the woman will be automatically back in the boat. Get out of the boat again and get the man. You may have to go to the map and make the "Rescue Man" task active before you will get the rescue dialog. Take the woman and man to safety, then patrol the rest of the city. People will be located randomly. Be sure to check the industrial area to the south as well as all the residential areas. If you haven't found all 15 by this time, check to the west again, there are buildings near the gas station where a man and a woman appeared the time I successfully completed the mission.

When this mission completes, the campaign is over.