ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Private Military Company - Single Missions

P01: Infiltration

In this mission you are tasked with destroying a GRAD battery. You have no night vision goggles, but your rifle has a night vision scope. However you must go in undetected, so you can't fire until you have blown up the GRAD battery. Start heading towards the objective and you'll find yourself in a gully. Now follow the gully, don't go straight in. When you get within 75 meters of the target SAVE. Go prone and crawl under the ammo truck and plant your bomb while the single guard is on the other side of the truck. Crawl back to the gully and touch off your bomb. The ammo truck blowing up will kill the guard and do enough other damage to give you credit. Next return to the indicated waypoint to end the mission.

P02: Reaction

You are tasked with finding out what happened to an ION security convoy that you have lost radio contact with. Head to the waypoint, you'll find the convoy on fire. Now it's a search and rescue operation. Don't head directly to the next waypoint, but go south west, then north west before moving in. Once you dispatch the squad around 007004 the game will auto save. You might want to manually save after each kill, it gets pretty rough, 3 of you against two or three squads. You get another auto save per squad eliminated. You will find a Ural and a tent about 75 meters out from the waypoint, but there is nothing there. There is another camp with two tents and a truck at 004006. Proceed carefully and be sure of your target before you fire. You will find your clients safe and sound. Now you have to get back to your vehicles without enemy contact. The best way to do that is head WNW until you get to a road. Follow the road ENE until you get to an intersection, then head directly to the waypoint from there. All clients (the three that joined you) must make it to the waypoint alive for a successful end. Use the + command to speed things up.

P03: Provision

This is a flying mission to start with. You are to drop cargo over the target zone as tight as possible. But you have missiles to avoid. Fly low through the valley and don't cut your airspeed until you are about 1500 meters out. Then lower flaps and fly at 120m at 200 kph. Start releasing crates about 100 meters out. Once that's done, you'll get a command to return home. Increase air speed, raise flaps and bank gently to the waypoint. Fly low to avoid AA activity on the way back to base.

Once that is done, the POV shifts to the guys picking up the air drop. The map will give purple circles with the probable location of the crates. It was several minutes on my test machine before this section was fully loaded and I had control of the truck. One time I had to suspend the game and resume before it would work. Be careful driving the truck, if you wreck it, there is no provision for repair. Send the M113 in ahead of you, or at least don't let it get too far behind, enemy will be going after the crates too. Once you recover three of them, you will be directed to return to the starting point. Get on a road as soon as you can and go fast as you can, although one time I played it it was better to follow a pole line until you were behind some hills before turning to the road. The mission ends successfully once the truck is back at the starting point.