ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Operation Black Gauntlet Campaign


A brief intro bring you to:

PMC00 Inception

If you have played the demo, you will have completed this mission, and can skip to PMC01 but if not, read on:
You are instructed to regroup. Go to the indicated waypoints, you will notice credits as you continue, but they won't be in the way. You'll find Asano and you'll got orders to find your contact. Go to the next waypoint, being careful not to get shot at, but if you are swift, you should be able to make it there without having to fire a shot or get hit.

The person you are looking for is dead. His body is on the 2nd floor of this bombed out building as shown here.

Note that two possible locations are indicated. Use the crows circling overhead as a guide where to look. Once you find the body, search it and grab the map. Once that is done make your way to the rendezvous point. Once there, a chopper will land. Board the chopper to end the mission.

PMC01: Reception

There is a flashback to three days earlier. After some dialog, with lots of words you can't say on the radio, you find out how you earned the nickname of "poet".
The first task is to maintain position and keep the landing site secure. After a few moments the first attack will come from the west. The AI will make short work of the first wave. The 2nd will come from the south and will include an APC, but if you take out the gunner that threat will be neutralized. You next will be tasked with eliminating a sniper. The waypoint shows him on top of a 4 story building. Come in from the south and he won't spot you. Hug the building walls until you get to an outside ladder. SAVE. Go up the ladder and if you are lucky he will be looking the other way and you can shoot him before he can shoot back. Once the sniper is down, return to the starting point and board the SUV to conclude the mission.

PMC02: Vocation

You are to guard a factory complex while the UN inspector searches for evidence. Walk to the waypoint and this will trigger a group of civilians that you have to get rid of. The best way is to throw your white smoke shell within 30 meters of them. If they run off but don't scream, you are successful. Do it quickly or one of your trigger happy buddies will fire a warning shot, which will get them to leave, but they will leave screaming and this may cause problems later on. However, you will have to chase a few more out of the complex before that task will clear. Run to the SUV with a MK17 rifle, grab it and some smoke grenades. Use the smoke grenades to scare off the rest of the protesters. Once this is done, the mission will conclude successfully.

PMC03: Confirmation

After a cut scene you are tasked with clearing a route to the UN contact in the center of Zargabad. Stick with your AI leader and let the AI do most of the work. When told to blow up the barricades, go back to the first SUV, drop your backpack and find the one with 4 satchel charges. When you get a command to disable the IED, get a safe distance away and fire at it. If you can't spot it set it as your current task from the J menu. Note that your commander is dangerously close, but go ahead and set it off, he will be unaffected. After eliminating the next marksman, the game will auto save. Clear the next barricade, but wait till friendly AI are clear before touching off your bomb. Continue on clearing IEDs and snipers as before. When the clear route task is finished, Eliminate the rest of the enemy presence. You'll only have to kill 2 or 3 before that objective clears and the mission ends successfully.

PMC04: Transportation

You get a cutscene in which you have no control. It shows the events right before PMC00 Inception then you jump to what happens after Inception. The chopper does not get landing clearence so your plans change and you will go via SUV. You have a long delay at a check point. Your passengers urge you to fire on the guards, but don't do it. You will get clearance and can proceed. Take the drivers seat and go as fast as you can through the first waypoint. Stop and let the other car catch up. Now proceed slowly. You must eliminate any enemy to protect the 2nd and 3rd cars. There will be auto saves along the way. Just follow the path, including any detours. The mission will conclude shortly after you climb a switchback and take out an enemy chopper.

PMC05: Elimination

After a couple of cut scenes showing progress towards the proving grounds, you are tasked with neutralizing enemy vehicles around OKB-754. For this mission you are armed with a AS50 TWS. Use the scope to look for the thermal hot spot of the vehicle. You need to be within 300 meters for your shots to be effective. 4 or 5 well placed rounds will kill a BDRM-2. It takes 10 rounds to kill a T-55 or T-72 and the best place to shoot it is right in the middle of the turret. You only have 80 rounds to kill 8 targets, so you had better average 10 shots per target if you are going to beat this mission. Carefully proceed eliminating targets as you encounter them. The game will auto save after each armored kill. There is a UAZ near the gas station where you can find a Stinger launcher and missile once you eliminate the T-72 near that position. Be sure to get the Stinger missile and launcher before destroying the last armor, they will come in handy later. The mission will conclude successfully once all enemy vehicles have been destroyed.

PMC06: Malfunction

After the cut scene run to the waypoint and grab your Stinger rocket and launcher from the SUV, then go south before the attack begins. There will be a swift change of orders, don't try to keep up with it all. After the game auto saves, shoot down the chopper with your Stinger. Be sure to wait for a lock before you pull the trigger. If for some reason you miss, revert to the auto save point. If you lose all of the SUVs the mission will fail, revert and try again. If you get new orders to distract the UAVs, go to the waypoint. You will get an order to take "Matilda" Don't bother unless you are real good at skeet shooting. I had better luck keeping my AS50 TWS. A good place to make your stand is the gas station canopy, you'll be able to shoot, but they won't be able to get a close shot at you. SAVE after each chopper kill. If you can hold out, one of your buddies will be able to jam the uplink to the UAVs. Once that is done, the mission will end successfully.

PMC07: Retaliation

It is now daybreak and you must prepare for another assault on your position at OKB-754. You have control of one UAV with a full load of ammo. Put it in a tight orbit around your position and use it to take out any infantry. Make sure not to kill any friendlies, they will be shown as green "contractors". It will take some practice, but after several retries, you should be able to exhaust your UAV ammo killing a lot of troops before the UAV is destroyed. Once the UAV is gone, take cover behind the building engage what you can and hold out until your backup arrives, ending the mission.

PMC08: Preparation

Now you have to get the materials team out of the area. There is a mention of putting weapons to the chopper, but there are no useful weapons here. Get in as pilot and head to the waypoint, this short mission will end as soon as you are off the map area.

PMC09: Aviation

You are flying close air support for the SUV convoy. You only have 14 unguided missiles so this will not be easy! Remember that the KA-60 chopper does not have a forward facing gun! Your door gunner is just that, a door gunner, so you will have to turn so that the left side of the chopper is facing the enemy before your gunner will engage. This is probably the worst mission in the series. Your ammo is limited and there are enemies along the whole route. There are APCs at Mansfield, so use your missiles, but make every shot count. You take a missile hit from Neitherfield but manage to stay in the air. After you clear Nitherfiled, continue to Zargabad. If your tail rotor gets hit, go out of autohover and pitch foward, the chopper will behave more like a fixed wing aircraft. Fortunately, you don't have to land the thing, once you are over Zargabad, the mission will be flagged as complete.

PMC10: Escalation

There is a cutscene in which Reynolds decides to take matters in his own hands and steal the materials, but it is not revealed what he plans to do with them. At this point there is a branch point in the game. You either kill Dixon and help cover up the truth about the Chinese origin of the fissile materials, or let Dixon board the car or get in first and rebel against the new contract. If you do nothing, the path will default to the second choice. We will first play it with the default:

PMC11: Termination

There are two goals here, to Kill Reynolds, and to recover the materials and turn it over to the UN. It should be noted that Dixon reports getting caught and radio contact is lost, Dixon is presumed dead, so in the long run you did not spare him. Anyway, order Ry into the SUV and drive through the compound fence here.

You only have to take out two or three guards by going this way, rush in and you'll find Reynolds in the foyer. I have not found a way to reclaim the materials without killing Reynolds, as soon as you kill him, you get credit for the materials, ending the campaign with a news report about financial instability and global tensions world wide.
If you decide to kill Dixon in PMC10: Escalation, here is how the mission plays out:

PMC11: Deception

There is still a chance to back out and let the UN team find the fissile material, but we'll first follow Reynold's orders. Drive to the buildings next to the waypoint and put the IED in the road. Get into a position where you can see it. Touch it off when the lead car is over it. You will have to shoot everyone in the 2nd car, woman included. This ends the campaing with a news bulletin where the attack is blamed on insurgents. The region is still unstable.

If you change your mind you can deliberately botch the mission by sitting tight. This is what will happen. The UN team will reach the compound and Reynold will send his men after you. Target his chopper. If you shoot it down they will send the US Army after you. I tried fleeing to UN held territory, but you are still on their "shit list" and they will fire on you if you go north. If you try to kill Reynolds as in PMC11: Termination, you'll find his compound destroyed and he is nowhere to be found. The best I could do was to take out Reynolds' chopper before I died, so if you want to live and have the UN inspectors get through, the best way is to Kill Renyolds in PMC10: Escalation.