Squad Membership

Information for our guests. Rules and Regs are also here, so members should check this from time to time.
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Squad Membership

Post by br » Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:09 am

Membership in CGS is open to all who achieve a minimum score of 500 and/or 50 hours of play for one of the games that we host. You can find out your status on our home page, all of our server stats are kept there.

Dual memberships are not permitted, although members of other clans are allowed to play on our servers, however no recruiting for the foreign clan is allowed. You are allowed to use the other clan's XML file while you play on our servers if you have one however.

The dual membership rule is not construed to prohibit membership in other clans for games that we do not support. Currently, we only have servers for OFP, and ArmA III. If you are a member of a Battlefield 2 squad/clan, for example, you can still be a member of CGS. You just cannot have another OFP or ArmA III membership at the same time you have one here.
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