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Motivational Story

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:38 pm
by Viper6_9
Here is a story, (This is completely true) So, i am playing on CGS ArmA 2 Free and i am all by my lonesome at nighttime, i take a MK 48 Mod 0 and i parachute into the enemy base as a engineer. I'm about one klick out from the AO and i see a bunch of people surrounding a T90. I take out the people one by one while getting shot and eventually all of the enemys are taken out but the tank still remains, although the tank seems to be glitched because it is not shooting at me, so i spend about 30 minutes crawling up to the tank cautiously while getting occasionally shot at. i finally reach the enemy tank and it gives me the option to get in it, at this point i'm wondering whats going on with this tank, so i get in and it says it's disabled so that explains it, so i get out and repair it and i drive it to the radio tower and none of the enemy's shoot me, apparently they don't recognize you while your in their vehicles. So i get the PKT out and destroy around 20 enemy's. then i destroy the radio tower, then i capture a camp, and then i clear the town all in the enemy's tank. All at 5 frames per second.... It's amazing what you can do with a potato computer. :) (Motivational story.)