ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Single Missions Walkthrough

E01: Hike in the Hills

You start in a HMMWV as a passenger and are taken to 017056, just outside of town. Let the AI go in ahead of you. Just follow orders and take targets of opportunity, remembering to use solid buildings for cover. Once you are successful you will be told to return to base if the HMMWV has not been damaged. An AI driver will bring it forward, get in for the ride back to end the mission.

E02: Laser Show

A straight forward search and destroy mission. The enemy is no match for your laser sights. After you clear the village board the chopper to end the mission. BUG ALERT! If you get in before the others, the chopper may not lift off. get out and board it again to trigger the departure. BUG ALERT! The chopper just goes up 50 meters and hovers mission does not end, you'll have to force the ending using the endmission cheat.

E03: One Shot One Kill

A pretty straight forward sniping mission. Go to 046063 watching out for roving patrols and killing them if necessary. Once you have eyes on the base, wait for the chopper to land and kill the target as he disembarks. Head due west to exfiltrate, use the terrain for cover, as there will be people after you. The mission ends when you get to the waypoint.

E04: Jackal

Head to 105062, from there work you way to the fence. There will be a hole you can crawl under. You will find all the tanks are locked, so you won't be able to climb in on and start blowing things away. Put the satches you got on the eastern most tanks, then go to the ammo crate at 104064, west of the two buildings to get more bombs. Work you way to the service depot and plant a bomb there. Now go south avoiding contact and work you way to the east side of the gas station as shown below.

SAVE. Now very carefully crawl to the gas pump to plant your last bomb. The guards may talk and point their guns at you, but they seem not to care about your presence as long as you don't open fire. Crawl back out of sight behind the building, then get up and go due south until you get out of range of some of your satchels. Go north until you are just within range of all that you planted, then touch them off. Now run to the extraction point to end the mission.

E05: Steel Panthers

A pretty straight forward tank mission. Send the other tanks to the middle of the red zone on the map. Proceed with your tank to 046107. Use the sabot to take out any armor, once it's gone switch to MG to get rid of any infantry. When you see no more targets wait and watch for more armor coming from the NW. Be sure to kill the AT APC before it kills you. Once that armor has been dealt with, go to the waypoint and clear any stragglers. Once that objective is met, you will be ordered 300 meters north and ou will get an autosave and new orders. Order your other tanks to that position but you should head up the road to these oil tanks at 038110 and use them for cover.

Get the tanks as they slow down to engage your other forces. The mission ends successfully when this wave is destroyed.

E06: Littlebird

You are ordered to patrol and report any contact. The mission is uneventful until you get to Khushab, where the game auto saves and a convoy is spotted. You are ordered to destroy the convoy. Although you have a man aboard your chopper, you are in control of the hydra rockets and cannon. I found the best approach was to fly about 1 KM ahead of the convoy, turn around, hover and blast it as it comes into view. Concentrate on destroying the vehicles, the men don't really matter here. Once that is done follow the flight plan, you may spot some other enemy, but you are not cleared to engage. RTB and land to end the mission.

E07: Death From Above

You are tasked with destroying three BM-21 launchers. They are all at the red diamond with the dot in the middle. First move the AH-64D to the indicated waypoint. Then move the unmanned AH-6X to 066104 from there you will have a good view of the BM-21 launchers. While you here, take out "Seven of Hearts'" He is in the building targeted below.

Launch 4 missles at the building. Even if he get out and makes a run for the BMP, he'll be killed unless he manages to get in the BMP and drive off first. Use your remaining missles to destroy the DM-21 launchers. RTB and land to end the mission.

E08 Benchmark

This just runs a movie to test your computer. My test system got 21 FPS.