01: Trial By Fire

You start on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Get into the chopper as ordered. While you are flying to the landing point, you can choose your weapons. You start out with a SAW, but I prefer to trade it for the M4A1 Don't bother getting a LAW launcher, there is no ammo available for it.
When the chopper lands you will be auto ejected and the game will auto save shortly thereafter. Follow orders, but instead of going up the hill where indicated, go to the right of the green building where my rifle is pointing as shown below, the cover is better there.

Eliminate any enemy you find. Be advised that Some villagers are armed and dangerous, but don't kill civilians indiscriminately, they may give useful information if you haven't pissed them off.
Advance to this position between two buildings and wait for the enemy to come to you and pick them off.

When it looks clear, move to this hiding spot between the brick building and the wall.

After the game auto saves, you can then advance. Watch out for an APC, let the AI with the rocket launcher take care of it. You can then follow orders once again, moving to the next waypoint at the airport. You may get conflicting orders. Just advance towards the runway, your CO will call out targets, but you can also engage at will. Remember to use the buildings for cover while reloading. There will be 4 or 5 enemy, use the buildings to hide so that you only have to deal with one or two at a time. You will get some armored assistance at this point, so just choose targets of opportunity and the mission will soon end.

02: Eye for an Eye

You are in control of three AI loons. You have four tasks. Assassinate Brezina, destroy the BDRM, Meet up with Hastrman by the water tower and extract. You need to do this with minimal civilian casualties. OH, by the way, if any of you are killed the mission will fail! So save often. It is also tricky to get back to your save after a failure. Make sure that you do NOT choose "restart" or your saved missions will be erased. Instead choose "Continue" That will take you back to the Single Missions selection screen. From there choose "Resume" You will then be taken to your last save. During the opening dialog (mostly in Russian) you will not be able to issue any commands. Just wait until the ~ key will function then order everyone to hold fire. Although it is not in the order listed, it makes the most sense to meet Hastrman first. The water tower description is deceptive, it is actually the pump house on the hill you want to go to, at map grid 061073. If you are playing in regular mode, go to the map, set meet Hasterman as current task and you will get a waypoint. Once there Hasterman tells you that the BDRM is near the church and offers to snipe for you. Take your time working your way down the hill to the town, Hastrman will open fire saving you a lot of work. If you are lucky one of your men will spot and kill the commander completing one of your goals. To take care of the BDRM it is best to tell your men to "wait for me " as they will just get themselves killed. Go into town by yourself, circling around behind the church on the southwest side. Carefully look around the corner and take out the two M2 machine gunners with one shot each. Run to the BDRM and plant your satchel charge. Run back behind the church and touch off your bomb, destroying the BDRM and completing that task. If your men did not kill Brezina earlier, you will have to hunt for him. Carefully head east, killing any troops that you encounter. At 062076 you will encounter a hostage situation. Shoot the three armed men, being careful not to harm the hostages. If successful, they will tell you where some ammo crates are hidden. I never did find Brezina, my loons did. Once Brezina is dead, send your men to the nearest extraction point, when I played, it was A. If you are lucky, you will encounter no resistance until the truck arrives. Board the truck and order your men in. Once all are in, the mission will conclude successfully.

03: Counterattack

The mission starts with you riding in a BMP. Get out when ordered to do so. Move to the indicated waypoint. You have an AK 704 which stinks for QCB, don't even try to use the sights, you'll have the best results "aiming from the hip". You will get an order to search the city hall. There are two ways to play this:

04: Village Sweep

This mission is a straight forward clear the town operation, well not quite straight forward, you have to have it done by 0830 less than an hour from your start time.. You are in command of three soldiers. You also can call in air support. Start out by advancing at a walking pace towards the church. Let your AI fire at will. When you get to the church, take cover in the church lot, you have good stone walls for protection. Heal here if necessary. Once things quiet down proceed towards the waypoint and cut through here.

walk slowly and you will see a BDRM2, but from this position it can't see you

You don't have any AT weapons, so now is the time to call in your air support (communications from the action menu), using your laser marker to "light up" the BDRM. Have your squad halt so they don't attract attention. Get back as far as you can, so that you don't get killed when the BDRM goes up. Be prepared to deal with any surviving crew after the BDRM is hit. Continue on to the waypoint. If you are lucky the air strike on the BDRM will have killed some infantry units as well. When you get to the waypoint there will be an AT solider to the south, you should be able to off him before he spots you. If you have a hard time spotting tangos, Use the ~ key to address your squad, choose 2 and have them all attack targets from the list. BUG ALERT There seems to be a missing end trigger for the case of not losing any of your squad members. I looked all over town, did not get shot at or find any OPFORCE by 0820 but it never flags as clear or gives another objective. I gave up and called it good at 0850 game time. UPDATE You have to leave the area for the objective to clear. Grab any unlocked car in town, get all your troops in and head south. A couple hundred meters after you leave the city limits, the mission will end. Thanks to schurem for this solution.

05: War Welcome

This mission is actually a single player version of "Warfare" Start out buy purchasing a LAW launcher and one rocket, dropping all grenades. Take objectives as called out. Unlike the Warfare game that you may have played in the original ArmA, there is no respawn, so save often and try to stay alive, although the game will do autosaves on a fairly regular basis. The enemy AI is more evenly matched to friendly AI in ArmA 2, you will take a location only to lose it a few minutes later. Keep trying until you accumulate enough money to buy an Abrams tank. Once you get your tank, start looking for the enemy HQ. You can get an idea where it is by the location of objectives that were captured by the enemy. The location will randomly change every time that you play the mission. Unlike the original ArmA there is no option to buy the tank empty , so command everyone to get out, board as commander and order two of the crew back in. However, you may find that the friendly AI beats the game before you even get started on your hunt. Should you find the base, switch to gunner and blow the enemy structures up with sabot rounds. Command your driver to back up to safety while the turret reloads. Repeat until all enemy base structures are destroyed, which will conclude the mission.

06: Bear Rising

Another "Warfare" style mission. The mission briefing is somewhat deceptive in that it says that the goal is to reach objective Marina, but you must actually capture all 14 towns for the mission to conclude successfully. You have a choice of playing with an AI commander or you as of the whole mission. Note that it is possible to switch roles during the mission. This is a long, but pretty easy mission.

07: Freedom Fighters

This mission is similar to Bear Rising in that it can be played as a squad member or commander or a combination of both. Since the default is AI commander I preferred to try it that way first. Since we want to avoid civilian casualties, blow up the office first. Avoid the checkpoints for now by heading straight cross country to the objective. Yes, this means going up and down hills on foot, use the X4 command to make it go faster. Buy a couple of satchel charges before you depart. Otherwise wait until the AI takes the objective of Msta, then grab a pickup truck, head west until you find a dirt road, then follow it southwest towards the objective. When you get to a T intersection about 300 meters from the building, park the truck in the woods and walk the rest of the way. Plant two bombs in the building. Go back the way you came, and when you are 100 meters away from the building, touch off the bombs to complete the objective, saving just before doing so. Don't stick around, your bombs will attract unwanted attention.

Head back the way you came. Although it is tempting to head due north to take out a checkpoint, you'll be killed by an AT rocket if you go in that way. In fact the checkpoints are too well guarded to take on by yourself. Instead follow the orders to captureKamyshovo. Be advised if you wreck the truck, it does NOT respawn, you'll have to go back to base and buy a new one. I had enough money to buy a BDRM-2, so I did.
To be continued, with possible revisions.