ArmA 2 Campaign - Bonus Mission - Eagle Wing

Eagle Wing

You are in a Cobra with an AI gunner. The first part of your mission is to fly near the aiport and engage SU-25s as they take off. But you must do this undetected. Stay at 60 meters and use the valley for cover as shown on the map. However you will run into a partrol on the way in. Let your AI gunner take them out with the cannon. The game will auto save once this threat is eliminated. Proceed on flight plan. You will then get a warning about an enmey chopper, auto hover and descened until you are just above the tree tops. If you can drop down into a clearing, so much the better. If you did it right, your gunner will say "There it goes!" with no further comment and you'll see it fly by as shown.

Continue once Eagle one announces the coast is clear to the RP.

Once there get into this position so you have a view of the runway, but stay far enough away so as not to be detected.

Switch to manual fire and missles. As each jet takes off, shoot it, you'll need to use 2 missles on each one to bring it down. It will only take one missle to kill the chopper however. The shot above shows the burning planes where they crashed. You now are tasked with another objective. Proceed to the waypoint but don't go straight in! Go west for 2 or 3 KM then turn south to the new RP. Don't waste your time or ammo engaging other targets on the way to Icarus. Once there, return control to your AI gunner. You may have to use the tab key to point out the T72 to him, but he will make quick work of it completing this task.

After a long pause you get orders to retreat, "Code Foxtrot" You now get a cutscene that you have no control over. The Russians drop an a-bomb on the carriers out in the water, which takes us to:

End Of The World

You survive the explosion, but your gunner does not and the Cobra is a total loss. The next task is to make it to a CDF position. Avoid structures near the checkpoint, an enemy solider is holed up there. Once you discover that the CDF are dead here, the game will auto save. You will soon find the whole area is crawling with enemy troops, your only hope is to avoid contact by running due south into the woods. Once you get to 042111 it will be safe to turn east again to check the next CDF checkpoint. You will find this site trashed too, with enemy about. Don't linger, head back into the woods to go to the last known CDF site. When you approach the last known CDF site, the map shows 2 friendlies and you get a cut scene, in which they order you to drop your weapon. Drop your weapon by using "G" which brings up the inventory, like when you are at an ammo crate. Click all weapons shown and click "DROP" this will trigger a cut scene which leads you to:


Pick up your weapon and go to the next waypoint, following orders of your new Russian friends, who tell you that a full scale nucular war has broken out. You are trying to make it to the harbor to find a boat to go to Utes where there is a fallout shelter. Follow the waypoints to Yelec, but let the AI lead. At this time you may be low on ammo, grab an AK-47 or similar off a dead solider. Once you have control of Yelec, you'll be ordered to board a truck, get in from the passenger side. Enjoy the ride. Just short of the harbor you will auto eject and auto save to:

Elite Warriors

As before, let the AI do most of the fighting. Although the Russians are doing it, don't shoot unarmed civilians, but anything else is fair game. Once you eliminate the enemy in town, follow the leader to the dock. There you will get a scoped rifle for fending off enemy that would take your boat away. You manage to fend off the hoards, but find that the boat will only hold 6 out of 7 people. You all draw lots to see who stays behind.

Empty Wasteland

There are two possible endings, depending on if you drew the short stick (one in seven chance) or one of your team mates did: Behind the closing credits is a map of the world, showing the US, Russia, China then the rest of the nuclear powers engaged in global thermonuclear war. At the end of the credits you will see your player name as part of the community. The final scene shows a map of the island of Utes, lighting up in a white flash, with the Boheima Interactive logo fading in. Perhaps you were better off to be left behind?